LEARN MORE For an even better hospitality experience SMARTER IPTV LEARN MORE Your message, real time across digital surfaces.
From IoT sensors to lunch menus or bus schedules
LEARN MORE Enable any TV for guest media streaming SMARTER CASTING LEARN MORE Streamlined information and entertainment,
this is the intelligent healtcare solution
Bespoke content for mobile devices.
LEARN MORE ... and leave the remote control behind GO MOBILE

Cloud management and control of smart TVs, mobile devices and casting solutions.

Otrum Mirage

Hosted solutions utilising onsite Smart TVs have become reality.

Otrum was an early adopter of above property interactive services, and today our software is used by all major hotel chains.

Otrum Signage

Smart signage is only as powerful as the content it displays.

Otrum’s web based software focuses on simplicity and ease of use, whilst maintaining market leading feature rich applications.

Otrum Cast

Enable any TV for content streaming.

Enjoy your own content across screens in your environment. Through OtrumCast this is now possible, userfriendly and intuitive. Netflix, Youtube, HBO, and hundreds of other apps live available on screen.

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