Otrum Digital Signage – now powering 3000 screens.

Otrum Digital Signage now powers over 3,000 information screens – putting digital marketing in full focus. With ease-of-use a long held principle of all Otrum software, your team will be able to quickly update single or multiple screens – we make this job even easier by providing the necessary management tools and templates.

We are excited to announce that Otrum Digital Signage will transition to a new cloud platform, with a redesigned and more intuitive user interface. Based on more than 10 years of digital signage experience, we have tailored our web-hosted solutions based on feedback from our most experienced customers. In parallel, we have conducted extensive usability studies to ensure that Otrum Digital Signage adheres to Otrum’s principal of simplicity.

Digital Signage has a multitude of uses – from wayfinding to meeting room displays, promotions and advertising, live feeds for news, weather and flight status. In addition, conference and banqueting staff are equipped to take full advantage, with live updates of seating plans, menus and agendas.

Mr. Nigel Bateson, Senior Vice President Products at Otrum comments, “Digital Signage is a vital product for a range of customer segments – today we serve hotels, conference centres, medical facilities, educational facilities, retail outlets and much more. In line with our rapid expansion in these areas, we have developed a new platform that is above all, easier to use. Scheduling is made much simpler, and now also the customer’s branding and screen layouts can be fully implemented with our new drag and drop editor.”

Existing Otrum Digital Signage customers are eligible for a free software upgrade to the latest signage platform, please contact us at signage@otrum.com.

See the Otrum Digital Signage brochure here.

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