Otrum Mirage launch

With the increasing market trend towards SaaS adoption, Otrum launches an all new and incredibly powerful TV management solution under the name Otrum Mirage – An Enterprise Cloud Product.

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), and deployed across the Amazon Content Delivery Network (CDN), Otrum utilises AWS CloudFront to deliver a secure, low latency experience for hotel guests globally.

As a first for the industry, Otrum Mirage is an API centric platform by design, offering content ingest, deployment, management and control through open APIs available publicly.

Otrum works closely with the major hospitality display manufacturers, and has certified integrations with LG, Philips and Samsung. Using the latest web technologies, Otrum Enterprise Cloud offers a Full HD guest experience with un-paralleled options for customisation, branding and personalisation.

Please contact your local Otrum Partner for more information and a live demo.