Mirage Themes released

When implementing a rich TV experience, the possibilities with Otrum Mirage are limitless. To help you get started with your amazing designs, we are publishing a selection of free professional themes which are simple to edit and customize. We are proud to announce and present the first batch of four completed themes, all ready to be used in the Mirage framework.

  • EMBLA is a simple TV-Only menu with all necessary pages for TV, EPG, audio, subtitle. This is perfect if you need no fuss and nothing besides the raw TV channel functionality.

  • TYR is a basic theme that showcases how simple and efficient the new Mirage system is right out of the box. If you are new to Mirage, its a great place to find your bearings, by observing how the simple building blocks are connected and combined through basic level CSS and HTML. There are no advanced features or services embedded but it will provide a stable foundation for you to work from.

  • FRIGG is built for speed and simplicity. Full focus is on the branded front which gives access to a complete TV module and to external input as well as a basic language selector.. There are no info-pages or additional services embedded in the theme, so just replace the background images and logo and then you are set to launch a professional branded customer experience in mere minutes.

  • YMIR is contemporary, flexible and highly decorative, and we recommend this theme as a great foundation for many medium/large system installations.. Highlights include large crisp default images, built-in button animations, custom weather, news and wakeup services, as well as an animated sub-menu and two different info page layouts to pick from.

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