Signage People-Counter solution launched

This month, Otrum deployed a flagship pilot of our IoT people counter solution.

The pilot was installed at a popular electronics store in Amsterdam. You can see a small white box installed to the right of the screen. This is counting people in and out of the store, and feeding that live data to the cloud using a mobile data connection. The sensor runs on batteries too, so it is very easy to install!

As part of our API-Centric strategy, Otrum Signage picks up the cloud API data from the sensor, and changes the text on the signage display to GO or STOP depending on the store capacity.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller of this simple, but highly efficient, solution then simply click below to apply for further information.

This people counter solution is the intelligent choice for retail locations or anywhere you need to control the flow of people, e.g. for covid-19 protection measures.

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