Presenting; Phuc Can Trao

We are delighted to announce that Phuc Can Trao has joined the Otrum R&D division

Otrum is making great strides to strengthen our API strategy, and to make new IoT centric solutions across all of our platforms – Phuc is a new addition to the team to help with this core strategy.

Phuc is based in the Arendal R&D office as a software developer, and he brings experience from a university degree in software development, and from practical work in a start-up company with IoT Smart Home Solutions.

Even more importantly, Phuc bring a passion for the field of future technologies  and he will ensure that Otrum remains on the cutting edge of this rapidly expanding area. The great thing about IoT is it’s flexibility and all the different use-cases! It spawned from humble beginnings, with simple concepts, and we want to share these possibilities with the rest of the world.

IoT is all about information and automation and to make your everyday life as easy and stress free as possible.

Otrum end-users will experience IoT as the solution that allows them to check how many people are already at breakfast, what’s the outdoor temperature, the pool temperature, to turn up the AC, switch on the lights, and much much more. Hardware sensors and smart technology all playing together to display on any Otrum powered screen.

Contact us if you have questions about our API capabilities or integration with IoT hardware within Otrum Mirage, Otrum Enterprise and Otrum Signage

We are very happy to welcome Phuc to the Otrum family!