OtrumCast reaches milestone

This week we celebrate a major milestone for our casting solution, with now 50.000 hospitality rooms served by OtrumCast. Your guests, their content, anytime! Casting made simple with OtrumCast one-step authentication. Visit the OtrumCast webpage for much more information or download the quickview brochure

Contact us if you are interested in presenting this industry leading service to your customers and guests.

Following Otrum’s strategy of ‘born in the cloud’ software solutions, all set-up, management, monitoring and maintenance takes place above-property in the Otrum web portal. This includes auto-discovery of hardware, remote signal level monitoring, set-up and configuration.

Otrum’Cast primary features and benefits:

  • One-step-authentication.
  • Branded guest experience.
  • iOS and Android compatible.
  • Secure guest authentication.
  • Web-based management.
  • Automated deployment tools.

Google Chromecast is a trademark of Google LLC
Please take contact with your local Otrum Partner for a proposal.