Otrum Mirage adds Oracle Hospitality OPERA support

Otrum Mirage is now available with a direct connection to the OPERA Property Management System from ORACLE.

This integration allows for the guest TV to be powered on automatically at check-in, ready to greet the guest with information relevant to their stay.

During their stay, all messages and wake-up alarms are synchronised between Otrum Mirage and OPERA to guarantee seamless day-to-day operations.

Guests can now use the TV to check on their bill during their stay, and of course Otrum Mirage will ensure that the TV is powered down after the guest checks out of the hotel, saving on energy bills! OPERA PMS support comes in addition to the MEWS and TigerTMS interfaces already available in Otrum Mirage.

To learn more about the OPERA PMS by ORACLE, please visit the product website here