Presenting; Kim Eirik Kvassheim

Welcome Kim Eirik Kvassheim to our R&D team!

Otrum continues to expand our R&D department, and our latest team member is Kim Eirik. Before joining Otrum, Kim Eirik has held the positions of System Admin, Database Admin, Web Developer, Embedded Systems Developer, and much much more – lets just say he has a broad range of very useful development skills to bring to the table, and we are excited that he picked our team for his next career step.

Kim is based in the Arendal R&D office where he is responsible for pushing forward especially areas of the “Otrum Mirage” product functionality and quality on a daily basis.

In addition, he is already spread wide across many of our external integration projects, touching on multiple elements such as PMS platforms, Cloud powered APIs, IoT, and Single Sign On for AWS and Microsoft AD.  

Kim Eirik joins a dynamic and rapidly expanding team, and will be working on many of the new projects we have undertaken thanks to the support of ‘Innovasjon Norway’ and the Research Council of Norway (Forskningsrådet).

Business partners will experience this strong addition to the Otrum team through even faster project completion and high level feature quality ‘out of the box’ when we introduce new functionality to the expanding Otrum Mirage SaaS line.

We are very happy to welcome Kim to the Otrum family!