We are recruiting

Full Stack developers, Junior Developers and Support Technicians, apply now to join the team.

Otrum AS is enjoying a strong position in the market and we need more hands on deck to support the growth. Currently we are looking to recruit in our Research & Development division in Arendal, Norway, where our new colleagues will become key parts of a friendly and tight team

Click here for much more information, and to apply for the positions, full job descriptions are in Norwegian:

About Otrum
Otrum provides cloud management and control of smart TVs, mobile devices, casting solutions and digital signage to a range of business verticals. Otrum’s in-house Research & Development division enables the company to rapidly address changing market needs, additionally with full control of our product IPR we set the industry standards.

Otrum interactive solutions are the market leading solutions for functionality, stability and ease of use with over 2.5 million users per month. OtrumCast enables content casting powered by Google Chromecast. OtrumCast is offered as an integrated or standalone service and creates a branded marketing portal. With ease of use as a founding principle, Otrum Signage offers a big impact with little effort. Otrum Signage provides powerful communication and advertising opportunities, wayfinding services, meeting overview screens and digital door signs. Otrum operates through a network of strategic partners and has been an industry pioneer since 1985.