We are Uniguest!

Otrum is UniguestAs you may know the Uniguest family has grown rapidly over recent years, Otrum being one of the teams that joined us back in 2022, helping to create one of the five largest digital signage software providers in the world.

As we make this change, you will see the retirement of our non-Uniguest social media and websites. Our unified home will then be Uniguest.com and accessing Uniguest channels will be where you can find the latest news about our technology, updates, and solutions.

So, what changes for our customers? Actually, not much.

We will continue to develop our existing platforms, they will still go by the names you know and love, and we will still have all the same faces on our team that you have grown to rely on and build relationships with in the past.

From a practical perspective, you will find that email communications will switch to a @uniguest.com sender address over the coming months. This includes all commercial communications, so we recommend adding us to your safe lists and keep an eye out for further information.

Of course, nothing contractual is changing. This is a consolidation of our public face and brand to help us create a unified, singular direction for our business.

We are confident this consolidation will help enhance our service to all our clients and provide a clear path for future growth, innovation, and development.

We look forward to bringing you along on our journey and thank you for your support!

Best regards,

Matt Goche

CEO, Uniguest