Trusted software services for Healthcare

Cloud management and control of smart TVs, mobile devices, casting solutions and digital signage. Integrated solutions to best serve staff, patients and visitors.

With 35 years of experience, Otrum offers a suite of applications to aid the operations in a healthcare setting. Today’s modern SaaS platform from Otrum has multiple touch points for the daily operations; streamlining staff routines, guiding visitors and assisting patients with information and entertainment.

Daily Schedule

Full scheduled control of system availability, services and volume levels.

Mobile Devices

Allow patients access to services on their own mobile device.


Clear and simple wayfinding across large facilities.

Urgent Message

Emergency messaging to all TVs simultaneously.

Smart Casting

Patients can use the large screen to watch their own content.

Ordering Tools

Ordering tool to allow self-service patient bookings and fulfilment requests.

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Patient Portal (TV or Mobile)

Arriving in your hospital bed can be a very uneasy experience. Otrum improves the entire patient experience through the Otrum Patient Portal. Based on a TV or Mobile Device, the Patient Portal helps the patient to find the answers they need regarding their treatment, their stay and ultimately their recovery. Additionally, the Patient Portal is a one-stop solution for patient entertainment to make the experience that little bit more comfortable.

  • Bedside ‘patient entertainment’ solution
  • Channels and Movies / Casting options
  • YouTube and Netflix Access
  • Treatment plans / Recovery plans
  • Educational / Information videos
  • Communication and Messaging
  • Order/Request portal (Food & Drink, Appointments, Transport)
  • Central control of volume and system access
  • Patient Survey

Common area communication

Within a clinical setting, digital signage falls into 2 broad categories, including Information displays and Wayfinding.
Otrum offers both of these solutions, integrated with the latest SOC (system on chip) Smart Signage displays.

In public areas, Information displays can be used to display both static and dynamic content to assist the patients and staff with necessary information. Content can include videos, text, images and dynamic information such as facility wayfinding, or data sourced via APIs from 3rd party sources.

  • Digital signage for patient communication in communal zones
  • Live TV
  • Education and regulations for infectious diseases
  • Price boards for cafeterias and shops
  • API Connector for 3rd party data (cafeteria menus, transport, waiting times, news, weather etc.)
  • Integration with common calendars from Office365/MS Exchange
  • Wayfinding to hospital departments and treatment rooms
  • Automated door sign displays
  • Touch screens for ad-hoc room bookings