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About This Project

Thon Hotels Parken, Kristiansand

The Hotel
When Olav Thon Founded Rainbow Hotels in 1989, his business model established centrally located hotels offering affordable room rates.  

Following extensive reconstruction and re-branding, the chain’s name changed to Thon Hotels in October 2005.  In recent years they have further refurbished many of the hotels and presented a refreshed and dynamic brand to the hospitality market.  

They have remained true to Olav Thon’s vision – when you stay with us, you can still count on your hotel is affordably priced and centrally located. 
Yet with the freshly refurbished hotels and enhanced services, they have become so much more – at Thon Hotels, you do get a “full package” hotel experience. 

The Project
Otrum’s partner RAW IT has delivered the complete TV solution to Thon Hotel Parken in Norway. The TV solution contains OtrumCast and Otrum Enterprise. 
Visit RAW IT here to see more of their Otrum powered locations

Thon Hotels design their TV menu with Otrum Enterprise, in the submenu, guests can jump directly to watch TV channels or OtrumCast.
Since the TV system links up with the hotel’s PMS system, guests can make bookings easily, such as ordering room service or booking a table in the restaurant directly through the TV. 

Otrum TV solutions also allow the hotel to reduce the cost of TV channels. Here, Otrum Enterprise gives an overview of the TV channels used the most and how much the guests stream on OtrumCast; Thon hotels can then reduce their costs for TV channels.