Also SafeSpace+

We are proud to be the selected software partner for the new innovative ALSO SafeSpace+ product developed by German hardware experts “All-Things-Talk”. SafeSpace+ is an all-in-one IoT solution, providing a healthy and safe everyday life for customers and businesses alike through intelligent sensors and communication.

What is Also SafeSpace?

SafeSpace+ is an all-in-one IoT, sensor-based solution designed to monitor and control the health safety of public environments. Using a range of sensors and an innovative IoT platform, you can help your customers supervise the amount of people using a space, control public access, and maintain healthy CO2 levels in any environment.  You simply set up the people-counter at the door, plug in your on-site screen and you are ready to go in minutes with a live public display telling customers to come in, or to wait their turn. It is that easy and affordable to navigate local Covid-19 procedures now.

The People Counter
A hardware sensor that counts exactly how many people enter a shop, office, restaurant etc.

IoT Platform
Gives your customers the power to collect critical data and generates insightful reports.

Signage solution
Informs and guides visitors, channels footfall and access.

Why choose SAFESPACE+?

Manage visitor numbers of any location
– Shows live visitor numbers with real time updates
– Sends out automatic notifications when a space reaches a critical number of visitors

Track visitors
– Captures the flow of visitors entering a location and and accurately determines occupant

Capture live and historical data
– Helps your customers make better operational decisions
– Gives them insights into shift schedules, staff numbers, and visitor footfall

Respect visitors’ anonymity
– SafeSpace+ is GDPR-compliant
– Does not use a camera to respect visitor privacy

Cost-effective subscription model
– Get your customers started with an initial payment of less than €500 and low monthly payments

Flexible billing model
– Choose the sensors and billing model that suit your customers’ needs

Easy to install and set up
– Standalone wireless solution
– No additional electrical or internet cabling needed

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