Smart & Flexible Wayfinding Signage

Managed in the cloud and built for API inputs, Otrum Signage makes wayfinding nimbler and more powerful than ever.

Digital signage with wayfinding instructions

Smart & Flexible Wayfinding Signage

Managed in the cloud and built for API inputs, Otrum Signage makes way finding nimbler and more powerful than ever.​

Digital Signage on Your TV or Tablet

Turn Any Screen Into a Guide

You don't need specialized displays for nimble way finding. Most TVs or tablets equipped with HDMI or WiFi can become part of your network of signs, touch-screens and directories.

“Otrum Signage allows us to control the crowd flow in an optimum way to avoid congestion and potential safety issues.”
—Martin Quintero Farstad
Touch screen conference room booking

Smartly Manage Bookable Spaces

Manage co-working spaces and shared conference rooms easily with Office 365 integration. Display the schedule, manage capacity and take bookings remotely or in-person.

Digital signage in various locations

Dynamic Crowd Management

Easily provide your co-share tenants and conference sponsors the opportunity to richly brand their space—even if it's only for an afternoon. And, underline every experience with your property’s own branding.

Try it out—free!

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Digital signage wayfinding

Dynamic Crowd Management

Seamlessly managing large groups is better with data. With our API-centric solution, the shortest security lines, the nearest fire exit, and the flight's new gate number are just a few available data inputs.

Make Changes from Anywhere, Anytime

When crowds are involved, things can change quickly. With Otrum Digital Signage, you can update your visual cues, signs, and notices in a tap with our mobile-friendly content manager.

Customer Stories

Web Management

Plan, manage, and update your way finding signage in advance and on-the-go with our online CMS.

Easy to Use CMS

Even non-technical staff can update content using images, videos, text and more.

100% Cloud Based

Fully hosted and integrated through the cloud, Otrum Signage is scaleable and accessible, both on and off property.

Room Management

Connect with resource booking tools like Office 365 to manage shared spaces in real-time, without an admin.

Endless Streaming

Because every screen will already be connected to Otrum Signage, a “sign” can easily become a live stream for an overflow space.

Unlimited User Accounts

Share creation and management duties with your team, conference hosts, or coshare tennants—no extra licenses needed.

Professional Support

Included online support is available throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Managed Maintenance

We manage the back-end servers, redundancies, and backups, so you never have to worry.

Updates Included

All future software updates are applied automatically, without any fees or effort.